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FWG INSTA 1 L / 3 kW

Capacity: 1 L
Installation: Vertical
Color: White
Heating indicator: Yes

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Faber instant water heaters come with thermal cut-out to ensure electrical safety and ascertain temperature regulation above a certain limit.

Faber instant water geysers provide a handpicked quality of body cover adding to its elegant design.

Faber water heaters comes with single weld line unlike other water heaters which has a 3 piece structure.This feature of minimal weld joints reduces leakage by 67% in high pressure scenario.

Our water heaters can withstand upto 8 bars pressure making it suitable for even high rise buildings.

Faber instant geysers come with a neon indicator which shows that the heating of the water is in progress.

Faber water heaters comes with a storage capacity of 1 liter to provide instantaneous delivery of hot water.


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